Worst Cycling Kit of all time ?

Lets face it. Most cycling kit is awful. Here are a few particularly atrocious examples from the pro peleton over the years.


Green and blue vertical stripes. Seriously ? Looking like a pair of kitchen curtains from the 70′s, this Kelme kit has the distinction of being one of the ugliest jersies in recent years.

Super U

Not to be confused with Fignon’s System U. This Belgian team kit from the early 80′s looks like the proverbial dogs dinner. It could not look more 80′s if it had shoulder pads and an i shot JR caption on it (for the younger folks in the club, the 80′s was a long time ago between when the pyramids were built and now. Google it)

Z Peugeot

I remember thinking this was cool back in the 80′s, but just look at it ! It looks like something a Japanese schoolgirl would have worn to a teen disco 20 years ago.

Mercatone Uno

Pantani rode these colours to victory in the Giro and Tour in 1998. That still doesn’t make green and yellow ok to wear. Ever. Unless you win a green or yellow jersey in a race. But apart from that…. ever.



There are people who think this is one of the nicest kits of all time. They are beyond my help. Brightly coloured 3d boxes……  it looks like the cover of a childrens sweet wrapper. The overall effect is something that even Lady Gaga wouldn’t wear.

Ton Ton Tapis

This team from the early 90′s failed to realise that the only thing less cool than a moustache is a having a picture of what appears to be a scouser wearing a moustache and carrying a roll of carpet on your jersey.

Footon Servetto

Apparently this is “gold”. Nope fella’s sorry to have to be the one to break this to you, but that is flesh coloured and all kinds of wrong.


You didn’t think we could have a list like this without mentioning AG2R did you ? Firstly…brown. This kit has brown on it. The shorts are all brown… brown… did I mention there is brown on this ? The jersey looks like a tablecloth from your nans house and brown… shudder.


Remember the late 80′s / early 90′s when flourescent colours were all the rage ? If you are of a certain age then of course you do ! I bet Keith Gater and Mark Gater have wardrobes full of faded flourescent green bermuda shorts and Italia 90 tshirts. If you remember the era then you will agree that the Chazal jersey is everything that was wrong with that era all summed up neatly in one jersey.


If Fagor are going to be this lazy with their jersey design then I am going to be similarly lazy with my comments about it…


It’s between this one and AG2R for the worst jersey of the last couple of years. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t wash my car with this one.

Domina Vacanze

This is what happens when you let Mario Cippolini design your kit. You end up looking like a zebra. Not a panther, not a lion… a zebra. Apparently this was considered cool in Italy when it came out… but then again so were Vespa scooters, so that’s not exactley a ringing endorsement.


7 – Eleven

I always thought this was one of the most overrated pieces of kits from the 80′s but you know what ? It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong, but I am a big man and today I learned something, you see it’s not all about the jersey… sometimes it’s all about HOW you wear the jersey.

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