Daves dirty dozen – most read cycling websites

The internet eh ? Not just good for porn and stalking people on facebook. It turns out there is stuff about cycling too !

Here are some recommendations, they may not be the best cycling websites out there, but they are the ones that I read the most. Add a comment if you have recommendations of your own.

Cycling News
The definitive one stop shop for all things related to the sport of pro cycling. Live text coverage of most of the big races makes cyclingnews a must read for all cyclists.


Reviews, news and some very lively forums.


If you are into bikes, specifically lightweight bikes to the point of it being an obsession (recognise anyone in this description?), this is your new favourite website. You want to find out how much that carbon seatpost you have really weighs and which ones will be lighter ? Look no further.


Worldwide Cycles Blog
Written by Barry Mehan of Worldwide Cycles, this tends to be infrequently updated, but when it is, there is nothing better written or more honest on the web. I challenge you to read this one and not have a lump in your throat at the end: http://worldwidecyclesblog.com/2008/07/05/life-one-pedal-stroke-at-a-time/


Cycling Performance Tips
Get your nerd on. A poorly laid out website that looks like something from 1995, however it is a mine of information. I would be twice the cyclist if I paid more attention to what is on this site !


The Inner Ring
Written by an insider in the pro peleton, here you will find insights about the lives of a protour rider, unprecedented access to what happens behind the scenes and what the riders really think of whatever the big issues of the day are. You could spend several days just reading through this site. Hugely recommended.


Great live coverage of the major races. And lets face it, if it wasn’t for Eurosport we wouldn’t be watching very much cycling on TV over in this part of the world.


Velocity Nation
There’s a heavy American bias to this one, but if you want to know anything about the Landis/Armstrong/Walsh triangle, this is the place to find it. Landis has granted exclusive interviews to this site and as a result there is no better place on the web to catch up with whats going on in that whole sorry affair.


Prendas Clothing
I am not going to link to any online shops here. Support your local bike shop ! I will make one exception for this site however where you can get modern reproductions of classic retro jerseys (usually in Santini quality). It’s not cheap, but it is very, very cool indeed. This is one of the few sites on the web where I have to ensure that my credit card and I are not in the same room before I open it.


Park Tool Repair Help
Compulsory for all aspiring home mechanics. There is very little that can be done with a bike that is not covered here and walked through with step by step photos or video’s.


Irish Cycling
Dated looking but updated with superb regularity and where else are you going to find out what is happening on the Irish Domestic scene, or which races are coming up ? It also features the unintentionally brilliant and entertaining Tommy Campbell roundups featuring the kind of writing that most of us could only achieve via the heavy consumption of copious quantities of class A hallucinogenics.


Cycling Torrents
Miss a race on TV ? Chances are you can download it here. (I recommend BitTorrent as your torrent client).

One Response to Daves dirty dozen – most read cycling websites

  1. Alan Mullins says:

    Dave, I don’t know if you have ever tried this one…..
    ……this is linked to tv channels across europe…basically you can stream any cycling event live. It usually has the English language version of Eurosport, but you can also brush up on your French, Dutch or Italian!
    Jalabert on French Eurosport, or Davide Cassini on RAI Sport Italy are as good as King Kelly.