Raparee Cup – Mick Finn and David O’Brien in the prizes

Always nice to get something for your efforts

Mark this one down in your calendar for next year folks, the Raparee Cup, which is held in Tipperary.

(Side note : Weren’t Raparee the number one bike frame builder in Ireland back in the day ?)

According to our riders this was one of the coolest races they were at in years.. a tight 5.4km lap around and through a village, not quite a criterium but not far off. Great crowds, organisation and atmosphere.

Of course we weren’t there for the atmosphere and did manage to take a few prizes home. The ever improving David O’Brien took one of the sprint primes on the night as well as 10th place overall, whilst strongman Mick Finn managed to take time away from lifting tractors and arm wrestling cattle to capitalise on all that power and potential to take a solid 7th place on the night.

Well done chaps. Lets go back with a full squad next year.

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