RAS Ceatharlach – John Macdonald inches from win

Triathlete in sprint finish.

Well John MacDonald didn’t quite make the cut in our An Post RAS selection process and he must be very glad that he didn’t having spent this Saturday scoring a career best result at RAS Ceatharlach hosted by Carlow Road Club.

On paper this was not a race for Johnny who would normally be known as a punchy climber, so the relatively flat circuit was not expected to be his cup of tea. Furthermore with his triathlon slow twitch fibres, Johnny would not be known for his sprint prowess and would normally need to break clear to contest the points positions, but incredibly he very nearly won the A2 race in a bunch finish.

What’s more, Johnny realised that no breaks were getting clear and decided to actually sit in for the sprint finish. Could it be that we have transplanted a race brain into a triathlete ?

Superbly done Johnny. I saw the video of the finish. Very impressive.

This puts Johnny half way to his A1 license !





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