Interested in joining WRC ?

Are you interested in joining Waterford Racing Club ? Then read this.

Waterford Racing Club was formed to cater primarily for cyclists interested in the sport of cycle racing and our core membership reflects that. All are welcome to join, racers or not, indeed not all of us are racers, some are sportif / leisure riders, however  we do cater to the highest common denominator in terms of pace on training rides – this does not mean that every training spin is like a stage of the RAS, but it does imply some level of basic fitness to begin with, or a desire to achieve same.

We are not trying to be all things to all people, we are not going to try to cater to everyone although we will do our best to make you feel welcome. It is a racing club first and foremost and unapologetically so. Our membership races at all levels from A1 to A4 and includes some strong sportif riders also. Our membership also includes cyclists who just like riding their bike but also want to be involved in the sport by helping out behind the scenes e.g. as team car drivers / mechanics etc..

The club spins will be based around a periodised training plan which are geared towards the Irish domestic racing season. Preparation for the racing season broadly follows the format of easy spins in Autumn giving way to longer harder ones by xmas, leading into harder efforts in early spring / training camps in the Canaries etc…

If you feel this is for you, then contact us:


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